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Going Green for Events

Is your event Carbon Neutral?  With Pro Light & Sound as your AV partner, it can be! In keeping with our goal to stay innovative and being pro active with global environmental trends, we aim to provide as Green a service as possible. To this end, we predominantly utilise LED lighting in our Lighting displays reducing the power consumption by as much as 70%!   This greatly reduces our carbon footprint on all types of events.

The main audio system has been chosen for not only the smaller footprint and the ability to deliver the same audio output as systems 2 and 3 times larger, but also that smaller vehicles can now be used to transport it.  This reduces the impact to the grounds, carbon emissions and impact to the environment.  The Turbosound system has already been dubbed the preferred system for many venues such as the Sidney Myer Music bowl and other prominent Melbourne venues due to the ability to cover clearly defined areas for the audience with a substantial reduction in audio spill to other areas – reducing EPA issues regarding noise pollution.

We are a member of the Sustainable Events Planner Directory – a guide supplied by the Sustainable Living Foundation.  This is of great value to Councils and Community groups as pressure is on the increase for festivals and events to comply with the reduction of carbon footprints.  We have also embraced Senator, Hon Penny Wong’s initiative (Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water) of the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) – which will allow businesses to certify their products, services or operations as carbon neutral which was introduced in July 2010.

Find out how your event can be Carbon Neutral - you owe it to the environment! Contact us

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