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In recent times, especially since the introduction of LED as an efficient and low energy light source, Architectural Lighting has become more accessible to a greater range of industries.  Decorative and colour changing lighting effects are now widely used to communicate with clients.  Lighting adds character, warmth and identity to all building surfaces and due to it's ability to change angles, colours and output, has been adopted for the commercial market as an alternative to paint!

At Pro Light & Sound we know a lot about lighting design and control and are are always mindful of keeping the balance between ease of operation and variety of fixtures. We pride ourselves in first understanding the needs of the client and then recommending solutions which may involve buying new or recycling old lighting equipment.  This is why you won't find any "out-of-a-box" solutions here.  Adding value to your facilities by installing quality lighting equipment, will give you the edge in competition and place you at the forefront of your industry.

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