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Virtual Event Images in 3D

One of the most exciting offerings now available through Pro Light & Sound is the incredible 3D rendered event plans.  You don't even need to h to be hiring your equipment from us or you may not need any AV at all - use our service to get your pitch over the line.  It will let your client know you are serious and they will reward the effort - we guarantee it! 

Our specialist design team will work to a brief over the phone or email, create the venue if one is not already on file and position your furniture, bar, drapes, decor, tables & chairs exactly where you want them.  Whilst the floor plan design is nothing new, within minutes and a few clicks of the mouse (and a wave of a magic wand) the event rises up in 3D before your eyes.



Flythrough in living colour


From 2D Floor Plan Layout

Virtual Event 3D Render + Video Flythoughs

The Finished Product...just like you visualised!

Inquiries welcome for Venues wanting a Floor Plan design or Event Planners who need to "sell" their vision to the client.  Win more sales with the 3D Event Virtualiser! Contact us now for a quote.

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your efforts & contributions at our annual Family Day in Frankston. It would not have been the memorable day that it was without all of your support. The feedback has been extremely positive from our members, players, coaches & staff which is a great result!
- Danielle Heyman, Events Manager, St Kilda Football Club