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Audio Systems for Clarity and Precision

When it comes to audio systems for your event, the importance of a clear and high quality sound system should not be underestimated.  Whilst you will rarely get applauded for having a great audio system, you will certainly hear about it if the system was not up to par or caused discomfort for your guests.  Don't take any chances - let us supply for your event a world-class audio system fit for dignitaries, celebrities and performers.

Professional audio systems for events of any size

In order to truly ensure the success of your next event, Pro Light and Sound also offers a superior range of world class audio systems.

With a huge assortment of AV equipment available to hire, we can provide everything from outdoor and portable PA systems to band and DJ equipment.

We can also ensure that all band riders are filled to specification, an important part of making sure your live music is delivered with maximum possible audio quality and minimal hassle.

»  Portable PA Systems
»  Lectern & Microphones
»  Wireless Microphone Systems - Hand Held, Lapel & Headsets
»  Vocal Microphones
»  Stage FoldBacks
»  Powered Speakers
»  Concert Sound Systems
»  Outdoor PA Systems
»  Mixers - Analogue and Digital
»  Playback Equipment
»  DJ Equipment
»  Processors, Equalisers
»  Stage Accessories
»  Quality crew and audio engineers


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An event with our AV servicesJust wanted to say thanks for being so efficient setting up the lighting at Trunk. With so many other dramas going on, it was nice not to have to worry about the lighting. Also you did a great job because it worked out beautifully... "
- Tania Braukämper, Editor,