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Decadent Drapes, Backdrops & Stage Sets

It's easy to transform even the most simply and stark room into an opulent and soft space, ready for the most fabulous of events.  Whilst we understand that there is great use and application for traditional theatrical drapes, we like to take it to the next level - if it has be black, let’s do something dramatic.  We now stock several hundred metres of very untraditional, yet classy and chic drapes in black and white.  We have shimmering satin which is stunning and reflects light beautifully.  Chiffon is soft and flowing, adding romance and suspense.  The patterned velvet is so sumptuous and a real winner for events with distinction.

Versatility & Quick and Easy Transformation

»  Hide a Secret Reveal
»  Room Decor
»  Room Dividers
»  Stage Backdrops
»  Noise Dampener
»  Conceal Storage
»  Reduce Room Size
»  Dressing Room
»  Crowd Control