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Logo Projection - Branding with Distinction

Projecting a corporate logo through a light fixture offers exposure just not possible by any other medium. Projections can go onto buildings, walls floor and can be used with a moving light, making the logo appear dymanic and change colour if required.  The effect is stunning and is not unlike illuminated signage.  An absolute must for any gala corporate event or branding activation!

Themed Pattern Projections

Add texture to your space by incorporating pattern projections. Pattern projections or “break ups”, as the industry often calls them, can add another layer of sophistication to your uplit walls, dance floor or ceiling. Patterns can cover certain imperfections of the venue or make a boring space into a well-thought focal point in a room’s design.


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An event with our AV servicesJust wanted to say thanks for being so efficient setting up the lighting at Trunk. With so many other dramas going on, it was nice not to have to worry about the lighting. Also you did a great job because it worked out beautifully... "
- Tania Braukämper, Editor,