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Virtual Wedding Images & Videos in 3D

Your fears and anticipation can now be put to rest because it is now possible to see your wedding before it happens!  One of the most exciting offerings now available through Pro Light & Sound is the incredible 3D rendered event plans, complete with video flythroughs.  You don't even need to h to be hiring your equipment from us or you may not need any AV at all, you may want to see how the colouring works or the table placements...

Various design packages are available and those lucky enough to be hiring Pro Light & Sound to supply equipment for their wedding may also qualify for free event designs.  Find out now if your wedding package will qualify by calling now on 1300 930 131 or filling out the inquiry form below

Using new industry software, our specialist design team will work create the venue if one is not already on file and position your furniture, bar, drapes, decor, tables & chairs exactly where you want them.  Whilst the floor plan design is nothing new, within minutes and a few clicks of the mouse (and a wave of a magic wand) the event rises up in 3D before your eyes.


•  Rich and detailed video flythroughs for you to share with your family or guests
•  2D Floor Plans
•  3D Floor Plans
•  Virtual View
•  3D Renders
•  Guest Management

Cost? Some items are available for DIY, pick-up and self-installation, while our installed Wedding Packages start from around $1,500. Please fill out the form below with your specific wedding needs and we'll gladly customise a package to fit your style, taste and budget.

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What They Say

That was absolutely amazing. I walked in and fell in love with the venue.. It was everything I wanted and hoped for. You know all the pretty photos you see and hope your own wedding turns out just as beautiful and it did. Everyone walked in and was just amazed beyond words. Specially those who had seen the reception before. The reception took my breath away. Even the ceremony area everyone commented. Even the photographer and videographer who had done jobs there before said they have never seen it look so good. Thank you so much for making it so magical. I was sure to recommend you guys to whoever asked on the night and will be sending you photos. If you have a fb page let me know as the nice ones come true I’ll start tagging!!”
– Nika, Bride July 2013 @ Witchmount Estate