August 8, 2018

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Power of Light There are a number of festivals that take place around the world each year, many of which feature lighting to enhance the celebrations. However, the Hindu festival of Diwali is perhaps the most prominent of these as days of celebrations that take place in October in which the festivities are focused on the...
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3 unique lighting trends to try

Event lighting plays an integral part in any big bash or conference. As humans are predominantly visual creatures, this element can really make or break an event, no matter what the size. This means it’s important for planners to take the time to implement the most effective lighting solutions possible. Here are our tips for...
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Using a corporate DJ to bring your event to life

Corporate functions can all too often be stuffy, unsociable affairs that have most attendees counting down the minutes to leave and head to a more exciting event. As event managers, this is one of the worst things that can happen – we endeavour to have our guests wanting to stay until the very last minute, having danced...
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Things to remember when throwing a milestone birthday party

Host an affair to remember Birthday parties for adults require very different planning than what is needed for children’s events. Often, milestone birthdays like 50ths grow into huge affairs, with hundreds of guests invited and large venues hired out in order to put on the biggest and best party possible. For those unaccustomed to hosting such...
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