3 unique lighting trends to try

Event lighting plays an integral part in any big bash or conference. As humans are predominantly visual creatures, this element can really make or break an event, no matter what the size. This means it’s important for planners to take the time to implement the most effective lighting solutions possible. Here are our tips for some of the most creative and unique trends to transform your party.

Lit-up logo

A lit-up logo can be one of the best ways to leave your guests with a lasting impression of your event. If your business is hosting a conference, projecting your company logo on the walls or floor of your venue will remind guests of your company everywhere they look and has the added bonus of providing extra light.

Personalised monograms are also a popular choice at wedding receptions. Imagine dancing the night away under your own initials, celebrating your love for your new spouse with your name in lights! Choose your font, colour, where you want the image to appear and you’re all set.


Chandeliers are no longer limited to the ballrooms of the rich and famous. Indoor and outdoor events alike can benefit from these classically glamorous light fixtures, which now come in every colour of the rainbow. Enhance a gypsy-themed outdoor wedding with glistening chandeliers in bold, bright colours hanging from the trees, or keep things dark and moody with a black option at a gothic-themed event.

If you’re going for an old Hollywood-style event, stick to a traditional option dripping in gold to really set it off.

Focus on the perimeter of the room

Colour washes around the walls of a room are dramatic and inviting, regardless of what colour you use. Uplighting in bright or subtle shades can tie in with your theme, and can also be a cost-effective way of completely transforming a venue’s visual appeal, without changing it permanently. Let the experts install this for you to ensure it’s as effective as possible.

We are event lighting specialists. If you are planning the next event for your client, get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound AV Stylists to help you create a visual experience that goes far beyond expectations.

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