See your big day before it takes place in 3D Virtual Wedding Design

Welcome to the future!

Here you can plan your weddings and events, finalise your decorations and then explore the final product – all BEFORE your big day even gets underway.

How? With the use of our 3D virtual wedding design technology.

Our virtual 3D system allows you to see your wedding before it even happens, putting to rest any fears and giving you the chance to iron out any design issues before the big day and you can rest assured that from a design, audio and lighting standpoint, you’ll know exactly how things will look and pan out.

Virtual “walk through”

The 3D rendering on event plans is incredibly true to life, and video flythroughs allow you to “walk” through a space without setting foot in the venue.

We work together with your wedding stylists to help you get an accurate idea about the visual appeal of your space and can show you exactly how your colours, theming and lighting will work together.

When you hire any of our specialist wedding equipment, be it mirror finish dancefloor with matching bridal and cake table, dramatic dancefloor lighting or a custom ceiling installation including florals and chandeliers, we can add these into the 3D model to show you how the elements work together to enhance your space.

Preview before you make decisions

A specialist design team uses the latest industry software to create the venue and position everything inside of it virtually, including furniture, decor, tables, chairs and even the cake. 2D and 3D floor plans are available, alongside 3D renders.

So, if you are wondering how your big will come together, stressing about how your lighting will match your decor and how your decor will match the venue. Stop stressing and get your event presented to you virtually BEFORE you make your final decisions.

If you are considering 3D design tech for your wedding or next big event, get in touch with Pro Light & Sound. We will give you the right advise and show you how everything will come together!


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