The importance of adequate stage lighting

Importance of Stage Lighting

Those with experience in planning a large gala event will understand just how important stage lighting is.

Poor stage lighting can change an engaging and entertaining presentation or performance into a confusing and disorientating experience. On the other hand, cleverly designed and innovative stage lighting can significantly boost an otherwise lacklustre presentation.

Simple or Complicated

Stage lighting for your event can vary from the simplistic to the complicated, and this will depend on the setup of your venue and the type of stage performance you wish to put on.

For example, a stationary speaker may only need a single spotlight to ensure that they are illuminated and easily visible to everyone in attendance.

If your speaker wants to be able to move around the stage or even engage with the audience on the event floor then a mobile follow spotlight with a spotlight operator may be preferable.

For more extravagant events that will feature a live musical performance, for example, a more sophisticated concert lighting rig may be necessary.

Make it Interesting

Wall washes and ambient colour projections can also be used to create more interest and add a touch of professionalism to a stage, and this sort of audiovisual equipment is excellent for improving the appearance of an otherwise underwhelming venue.

However, it is important to take care when planning stage lighting, as it is possible to overwhelm your guests and take attention away from your performer. Stage lighting should be used to emphasise the performance, rather than distract from it.

If your next gala event is going to feature a stage performance or speech of any kind then it is often prudent to start planning the stage lighting – as well as the event lighting, ire for the rest of the venue – as early as possible.

Contact the visual services professionals at Pro Light & Sound today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your stage lighting, and ensure that your gala event is one that is remembered for years to come.

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