Making your business presentation perfect

Delivering a good business presentation isn’t easy – delivering an outstanding one takes something extra special. There are many pitfalls waiting to engulf the unwary presenter, but by taking the time to prepare for every eventuality, pulling off a perfect presentation is not beyond the realms of possibility. A daunting undertaking at the best of times, a recent Gallup survey suggests that 40% of people fear public speaking, but don’t fret – follow this succinct guide and prepare to blow them away.

Engage your audience

You have to be emphatic about your message and what you are saying. If you aren’t, then your audience won’t be. No one wants to listen to the guy who drones on like a monotone robot, drowning in copious amounts of notes. It will show how passionate and prepared you are, not to mention knowledgeable, if you can speak about your chosen subject with an air of authority. Engaging with your audience is vital – if you continue to look at your shoes whilst fumbling through rustling papers, your mind won’t be focused and it’ll be a tough ask to achieve this. A cutting-edge microphone can amplify your voice to soaring levels – invest in the best. If you go without notes but still want to use prompts and slides, don’t rely on a battered old hotel projector – invest in state of the art screens and projector to seriously wow your audience.

The facts of the matter

If your presentation is constructed on a foundation of solid research, then you’re on the right path. Make sure that every single piece of information you relay, from bold statements to minor quips, are cemented in strong fact. This way, you won’t leave yourself open to doubt or ambiguity and there is little chance your audience will feel that they are being misled. If you give off an aura of honesty, your audience will naturally have more trust in you and everything you are saying.

What’s the story?

Whilst delivering sturdy facts and substantial information is an important part of giving a great presentation if you can somehow find a way to mould these into a story, then all the better. Stories connect with the mind emotionally, bringing the human factor into play. They can be used to emphasise points in a more affable way, engaging your audience on a different level and ensuring that their attention won’t wander.

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