Corporate Events

Use the right colours at your next conference

Conferences are the perfect place to share new ideas, align employees of all levels and locations with the company goals and objectives as a whole and to also work as a networking event for all involved. In order to promote productivity and an inspiring learning environment, colour palettes can play a huge part in keeping...
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Entertainment is essential for an unforgettable corporate event

Engage at your corporate guests with entertainment “Let me entertain you” (Robbie Williams) – The excitement of going to a show, a concert or a movie premiere is caused by the knowledge that you will be entertained. Unfortunately, when it comes to corporate events we rarely experience excitement. Traditionally, these are boring, dry affairs that we...
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How to set your gala event apart from the pack

Prepare for the event of the season A fundraising gala event is a great way to raise funds for your favourite charity or cause! Plus it gives guests a fantastic excuse to dress to the nines and let their hair down for the night. If it’s your first time hosting such a big event, you...
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Creating Remarkable Events Relies on Strategic Execution  

Execution – Provide a strategy of the “What” & the “How” Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle? You know what the end result should look like, the picture on the box. However, without a strategy, the execution is almost impossible. So, you start with the corners, then the edges, then you put the...
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End of year party audio and visual services

It’s time to start planning It may only be September, but if you want to plan a Christmas or end of year party for your business or office, then it’s a good idea to get started early. After all, it’s only a couple of months away. November and December are full of parties and end...
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Successful Event Managers Start with Expectations

Expectations – Helping event managers FOCUS on outcomes Have you ever felt undervalued and underappreciated? Many event managers/planners feel this frustration because they simply aren’t able to show how the annual corporate event is positively impacting the business or corporation. The main reason for this is unset expectations, insufficient KPI’s and a lack of understanding...
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Your guide to the latest event lighting trends

Throwing a terrific gala event requires careful planning and a little bit of innovation as well. Nothing wows guests more than proving that you are up to date with the latest audio visual technology and event lighting trends. One of the best ways to ensure your gala event stands out from the crowd is by...
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How to ensure the sound at your big event is perfect

Don’t overlook sound When you’re throwing a party, hosting a conference or planning your wedding, it’s natural to want absolutely everything to be perfect. This includes the sound, a component often overlooked by those hosting events but one that makes all the difference. Don’t let poor audio let you down this year. Find out how...
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What to consider when planning a graduation ceremony

All eyes on you Graduation days are the highlight of academic calendars around the world and while the graduation ceremony mark the end of formal study for many students, they can also be one of the most hectic events for organisers to arrange! With the pressure on and all eyes on the hosting institution, event...
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Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Power of Light There are a number of festivals that take place around the world each year, many of which feature lighting to enhance the celebrations. However, the Hindu festival of Diwali is perhaps the most prominent of these as days of celebrations that take place in October in which the festivities are focused on the...
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