Using a corporate DJ to bring your event to life

Corporate functions can all too often be stuffy, unsociable affairs that have most attendees counting down the minutes to leave and head to a more exciting event.

As event managers, this is one of the worst things that can happen – we endeavour to have our guests wanting to stay until the very last minute, having danced the night away to a great Corporate DJ and made the most of the salmon hors d’oeuvres we had catered especially.

Get Them Dancing

So how can we ensure that everyone has a ball and walks away with positive memories and plenty of gossip for the following Monday morning at work? Get them dancing, that’s how! Shake everyone up, let their moves do the talking, and give guests the opportunity to loosen their ties and let down their hair – these events are all about encouraging workmates to socialise in a way that the working week prevents. And with research from the Department of Health and Social Management, University of Eastern Finland suggesting that management can gain further understanding of their employees through their dance moves, it seems science is encouraging you to get out on the dance floor!

Hire a DJ

The most successful way of doing this comes down to hiring a DJ with audio equipment that will have the whole venue jumping well into the night. Christmas parties, mid-year staff functions and other work-related events all benefit from having an amazing DJ narrating the entire evening. They have the power to bring people together, break down barriers that tend to haunt work spaces, and just generally coax reluctant employees out of their shell.

Disco Lights

A brilliant playlist that suits your audience, plenty of disco lights and smoke machines, and a voice that echoes fun around the room, a DJ is the most effective way to bring together your staff and give them the opportunity to laugh, sing and dance together all night long. Once the business end of your event is concluded, create a space that welcomes and encourages your guests to get to know one another in a fun and exciting setting – and a DJ is the perfect voice to cut through the awkwardness and let the real celebrations begin.

If you are looking for a great corporate DJ, AV equipment to support the atmosphere and some direction on how to put it all together to create a dancefloor spectacular, get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound AV Stylist today!

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