Corporate Events

We have been honoured to be part of many high profile and auspicious events over the years. We understand the delicate approach required to design and stage the one event that will never be repeated!

Our versatility and experience has allowed our team to successfully execute a variety of private functions in almost any environment from chic function spaces, airport hangars and boutique penthouses to large hotels.

We are more than happy to liaise directly with the entertainers, venue or marquee supplier to make sure there are no surprises on the day. With years of experience in creating amazing parties, we know that your family and friends deserve a special occasion without it being marred by power outages or unforeseen surprises.

No matter what theme, colour or concepts you have, the AV & Styling team at Pro Light & Sound will make sure it all comes together seamlessly and beautifully.

Featuring festoon lighting and bar builds


First impressions are lasting impressions and you must make a bold statement to create an impact. Whether you are launching a new product, software program or brand, we can help make your product launch have a lasting impact.

We have worked closely with branding experts and marketing companies to successfully launch world recognised brands in all sorts of environments. We are the experts in out of the box AV solutions as we thrive on the challenges of fulfilling our clients’ concepts. We have a number of ways to tell your story using the latest available in AV technology.

Supplying lighting and custom frame work

Supplying lockers

Custom builds and staging, colour matching exactly to what is required

Staging and backdrop

Supplying custom signage

Supplying backdrops, props and lighting

Calendar Events

Pro Light & Sound technical team have years of experience and work independently or closely with your Technical Director to produce an amazing event. We have the expertise and experience to make any calendar event unforgettable for your special guests and attendees.

Custom designing a stunning stage set, incorporating wide screen projection and moving lights are what we do best. Leave it to us to cater to the audio and lighting needs of all performers, from local comedians to international stars to ensure that all elements of the evening run seamlessly.

Featuring the customisable arched entryway

Featuring the customisable arched photo backdrop

Supplying festoon lighting

Staging, lighting, backdrops & sound

Supplying AV, lighting & sound

Lighting and framing

Featuring white gloss staging and risers

Featuring tassels ceiling installations

Supplying backdrops, props and lighting

Supplying AV, lighting & sound

Supplying custom tassels installed around feature lighting

Supplying backdrop draping


A gala or special event is an occasion that many look forward to on their social calendar and an opportunity to get creative. No matter what theme, colour or concepts you have, the AV & Styling team at Pro Light & Sound have the technology and the skills to make it happen.

We excel in delivering memorable events, from intimate and exclusive to large scale and grand. Whether you have mystical magicians, high profile celebrity entertainers or a showcase extravaganza with dancers and aerialists, our AV and Lighting technicians will make sure the effect is spectacular.

Supplying lighting, ceiling drapery with feature hanging crystals

Featuring large scale moving lights and smoke machines

Detailed light8ing installations

Featuring large scale moving lights and smoke machines

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Download Our Lookbook