How to create intimacy in a large event venue

There’s been a lot written about making small spaces feel larger through clever use of event lighting, but it can be equally challenging trying to make a large event venue feel intimate. Weddings, parties and conferences held in vast halls and centres can feel sterile and empty if you’re not careful, so we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to keep the intimate feel, even when your venue is far larger than your number of guests can fill up.

Use dividers

When you’re working with one huge room and you’re worried it will look sparse and empty, make use of dividers to break up the space. These can come in the form of tall potted plants that add interest while they partition off areas, or you could use clever draping to create virtual rooms or add backdrops to key points of interest.

Mark out the dance floor

In large areas where there’s no clear dance floor, you may have to take matters into your own hands and create one yourself. Try one of our designer dance floors, which can be used over the top of hard floors or carpet, depending on your venue. Light this up with your event’s personalised logo or monogram and let guests know that that’s where the party starts.

Use lighting to your advantage

Lighting is the key to making large spaces feel more intimate, says celebrity wedding planner David Connolly on website Weddingbells. He recommends using dim lighting, just bright enough to navigate the room and see your food, to create the feeling of warmth and closeness. Use dimmers to turn down existing lighting, or turn them off completely and use up lighting and fairy lights to enhance the space. You could also use swathes of fabric to diffuse light.

Different coloured lights can also work a treat to break up spaces. For instance, the lighting over your dance floor may be multi-coloured, whereas your dining area could be lit up by dim, gold bulbs.

If you have a found a beautiful venue that is a bit too vast for your number of guests. Get in touch with Pro Light & Sound. We will ensure that your beautiful venue has the perfect intimate feeling you are looking for.

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