Debenhams Australia, Collins St Store Launch

Bringing London to the streets of Melbourne

If you are familiar with London culture, you would be familiar with the Big Red Bus, The Big Red Phone Booth and the Queen’s Guard (also dressed in red, with the big black puffy hat).

For the launch of the new Debenhams Australia store in the Paris end of Collins Street, ID Collective wanted to bring London to the streets of Melbourne. For this, they needed the iconic Big Red Phone Booth. And that’s where our conversation started.


Big Red Phone Booth

The idea was to have a fully functional phone set up in the street. The phone would ring while people were passing by. As the phone is picked up, an actor says “Congratulations! You have won a voucher for Debenhams”. Along with the phone booth, ID Collective organised actors to play the Queen’s Guard and even brought the Queen’s famous corgis along to create a truelly authentic experience.

The brief for the phone booth was as follows; it had to be the iconic London Big Red Phone Booth, it had to be rigged up to work and, it had to be transportable as it was used in two locations – Collins St, Melbourne and Federation Square, Melbourne.

Because we love the challenge of executing a great idea, we started exploring the options right away. We found a phone booth on good old Gumtree, we sanded it painted it and added the necessary artwork to make it as authentic as possible (with the added Debenhams branding). We wired in a wireless phone system and got the phone booth in a truck ready to roll.

The Outcome

The result was amazing! The Big Red Phone Booth worked a treat. Coupled with the Queen’s Guard and very cute corgis people couldn’t help but flock to the attraction.


At Pro Light & Sound we love a challenge. If you are looking for an audiovisual supplier that will think outside the box to make sure your campaign goes off without a hitch give us a call. We would love to hear your next great idea!

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