Do we really need AV?

If you are new to running business events or conferences then this is perhaps a question you have asked… “Do we really need AV?”

Over the last 30 years in our industry, we have heard this question many times. Sadly, when a new organisation decide to run a business event or a conference for the first time, they are unaware of the impact AV can have on the event. Both positive and negative.

Your event is a multi-sensory experience. From the moment your guests or delegates enter the foyer you have an opportunity to wow them with an experience and solidify your brand, your message and the outcome.

There are so many variables that have the potential to go wrong that not investing in a solid audiovisual styling and production company can be detrimental to the success of your event.

Event Lighting

The lighting in the room must be adjusted for the audience experience. Brighter when they need to take notes or engage with each other and dimmer when the focus is on the speaker or on a video being shown on the screen.

At the same time, the lighting focused on the speaker must be brighter to draw the attention of the audience and enable great videography.

Not only that but the lighting can brand the room with your brand colours, highlight the banners, and even display your logo.

Event Audio

Nothing creates more disconnect with the audience then the audio being too soft or too loud or worse still cutting out. Especially if it drops out just as your speaker is delivering the main point of their content.

Different types of microphones; hand help, lapel or earpiece must be tuned differently and if you aren’t a technician, getting this wrong will disturb your soundscape.

Then there’s music. sound clips and videos. Plus a roaming mic for the audience… For each, the audio must be monitored.

Event Display

The screen, projector and monitor you use to display your presentation will have all eyes on it. Do you use one screen, two screens or three screens? Are the screens showing the same presentation or will you run a video feed to a screen? Would you like to live-stream the event proceeding on social media or perhaps you may have a speaker live telecast from overseas? The possibilities are endless but without a great AV team, the room for error is too great.

Another thing to think about: Do your speakers use their or laptops, tablets or event phones for their presentations or do they bring a USB? Are they using a Mac or a PC? Keynote, PowerPoint or Google Slides?

When you are new to the event game, these are things that people simply don’t consider.

So, the simple answer is YES! You really do need AV.

If you are planning your first business event or conference start by getting in touch with a Pro Light & Sound team member. Having a great AV Production and Styling company on the team can make your first event a remarkable event. Set the bar high from the outset. Make sure that your event attendees are blown away by the experience. We can make you look incredible. Try us.


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