Dreamy locations for your summer wedding

Whether you’re planning a wedding in the years to come or you’re simply daydreaming about the big event, the venue of your special day is one of the most important considerations.

Summer is a popular time of year to wed for good reason – the weather is much more likely to be favourable and many people have time off work, so it’s easier for guests to attend. If you’re thinking about holding your nuptials in summer, take a look through these dreamy decorating ideas for different venues.

Beautiful backyard

Sometimes a simple backyard or garden wedding can be the most memorable for both guests and the couple being wed. When the sun is shining, all it takes is a bit of preparation to turn a plain outdoor space into a truly intimate location.

One of the most important parts of an outdoor wedding is the sound. Chirping birds, wind and traffic noises can all impact how much of the service guests can hear. Engage an AV company equipped with a superior sound system to project your music and the all-important nuptials across your lawn. Microphones can save the day at larger events or in noisier areas – just make sure you hide them from any karaoke-loving guests when the band cranks up!

Twilight tent

The hot Australian weather means that midday or afternoon summer weddings might not be a great idea. Rising temperatures can be a recipe for disaster at outdoor events, so a twilight wedding may be the perfect solution. Take your vows under a shady tree as the sun goes down and then illuminate an outdoor canopy or large tent with beautiful chandeliers, festoons and bulb lights for an incredibly romantic setting.

This idea is perfect for couples with a vintage theme in mind. Place tealight candles in vases and jars to softly flutter on tables, and decorate with lanterns and wildflowers for a rustic touch.

Vineyard luxury

Summer is the perfect season for a vineyard wedding – and best of all, many venues will take care of the catering for you, too! Plus you’ll get to sip on some tasty tipples as you celebrate your wedded bliss.

Weave fairy lights amongst the vines to wow guests when night falls and take picturesque photos over the lush landscape setting.

If you are still planning your Summer Wedding and your ideal location is outdoors, talk to a Pro Light & Sound expert. We will be able to support you in creating the perfect outdoor setting for your perfect day. From lighting to sound, to theming and styling, we will be able to either design and supply these or engage great professional event partners who will. 

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