How to effectively evaluate the success of your event

What to measure

Have you ever struggled to evaluate the success of your event? Many of our clients simply don’t know what to measure.

The fact is, in order to effectively evaluate the success of your event, you must first be very clear on the purpose.  What is the Goal or Vision?  When organizing any event we must ask ourselves “Why” are we doing it and what is the desired outcome?  Sometimes there’s more than one reason and there are often many people that are invested in getting a great result.  But what are these results and how can we measure how effective it was.

Knowing the desired outcome will dictate the whole strategy of how and what needs to be done.  What is the vision and what are you trying to achieve?

  • Brand/Product awareness
  • Education of your audience
  • Encouraging loyalty and repeat business
  • Celebrating your team and other stakeholders
  • Connecting with new customers
  • Generating leads and sales
  • Creating JV or PR opportunities

To measure the Return On Investment (ROI) for anything without setting up metrics such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) or measurable outcomes makes it almost impossible to Evaluate the success.


Here’s an easy exercise to really understand the purpose of any event and what impact it has. We call it the “WHY GAME”

Ask yourself: “Why” is this event important to the Organisation or Brand?

Then follow this up with a series of “Why” questions until you get to your purpose.  Whilst doing this exercise, you will also uncover some measurable outcomes.

Here’s an example for a Fashion Show:

Why am I doing this event? To get product awareness and increase branding.

Why? To get new customers and engage old customers

Why? To improve the relationship.

Why? So they keep coming back.

Why? So they spend more money.

Why? To grow our business.

Set KPI’s and measure results

Once you have clarity around the vision and the final desired outcome you can set some KPI’s and measure results. These parameters will enable you to measure the ROI and assess whether the vision was fulfilled and whether you hit the mark on the desired outcome.  Some examples of Metrics and KPI’s could be; the number of extra Facebook Posts, Satisfaction Levels, Number of bookings or Sales, Number of new clients, % Increase in spending, increase in traffic on your website.

By measuring the results after an event and gauging the effectiveness, true qualitative and quantitative research can be conducted and decisions can be made on any changes required in future.  Refining and perfecting the process and content will give greater opportunities and value for all future events.

At Pro Light & Sound we go beyond simple AV solutions. We work with our clients to delve into the deeper questions. Questions that help our clients understand the purpose and vision for their event and really grow their business. 

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