Large Screens At A Wedding

Enhance your wedding with all things visual

Your Wedding, Your Vision

When it comes to your big day, you’ll want everything to be perfect and run seamlessly. Whether your dream wedding is a small, intimate affair or a huge celebration, you want to make sure that you’ve got all the final touches sorted and that the event really represents your vision.

The right kind of audiovisual services can really make your day stand out. For example, displaying a video during your reception can make a wonderful point of interest to the festivities. A picture tells a thousand words and a well-created video can showcase your romance journey to your guests. It can also be a great way to help guests pass the time when you’re out having your photography done.

Tell Your Stories

The couple may choose to have screens up around the venue playing photographs or videos of the couple and their friends throughout the evening. Or, one of the chosen speechmakers may want to show a video or two to complement the stories they tell (if you can trust them)!

Though visual entertainment can really engage the guests, many couples, shy away from this kind of display. Thinking that organising the technology and ensuring it all goes smoothly will be too difficult. Certainly, no one wants to be running around pressing ‘play’ buttons on their wedding day.

Use an Event Management Service

This is where a great event management service can alleviate your stress and create amazing results. You can have the fantastic videos and visual capabilities that your dream wedding deserves, without having to worry about pulling it off yourself.

Instead, you can relax and enjoy your special day yourself, dancing, chatting with friends and of course, having a laugh or a cry at the fantastic photos and videos on display!

The kinds of services available include plasma displays ranging from 50 inches to 103 inches, projectors and screens and 3D projections. There’s also the correct complementary audio technology so that every corner of the room can hear your special video.

That means whether you need your videos to be visible for only a small gathering of people, or for a whole marquee full of guests, your needs can be expertly catered for.

Get in touch with Pro Light & Sound and make sure that you create even more precious memories on your special day by taking your guests on a visual journey of your love.

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