Get the party started with an event dancefloor

Ensure that your event stands out

To throw a truly unforgettable event you need; top of the line audio visual equipment, unique decorations and backdrops and, of course, an event dancefloor where your guests to get down and boogie.

In order to ensure that your event stands out in the minds of your guests for years to come, try investing in a professional dance floor so that they have a clear and safe place to unwind and have some fun?

Invest in a designated dancefloor

Whether your event has a live performance or a DJ playing pre-recorded tunes through high-performance audio systems, having a designated dance floor lets your guests know that it is OK to let loose a little bit and party to the music.

A dance floor can also break up the room, making it appear more spacious, and also ensure that the dining area is correctly distanced from the main stage.

This means that guests who wish to sit down and relax can do so away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, while those who want to have some fun can dance without being concerned about disturbing other guests.

To really spice up the night and wow your guests, invest in a high gloss, mirror-like finish dancefloor. Make sure that your dancefloor has a customised design that matches the stationary and branding for your event. The other great feature that you can add is a customised projection.

The best high gloss, mirror-like finish dancefloor feature unique non-slip overlays which reduce the chance of guests falling over – like Jennifer Lawrence did at the 2013 Academy Awards – so this is definitely a safety aspect to look out for.

Talk to a professional

If you have decided that you would like a custom dance floor at your next event, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional event management team who can assist you with the next step.

Pro Light & Sound are the pioneers of high gloss, mirror-like finish dancefloors and have experience in creating custom designs, moving, constructing and taking apart dancefloors.

Contact a Pro Light & Sound expert and be confident in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of well ahead of schedule.

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