Get a Dynamic Gala Event with Lighting

One of the best features of lighting is the fact that it’s dynamic.

Unlike strings of balloons or flowers, event lighting can evolve as your gala progresses. It can often be a lot easier to set up, too!

You can not only choose patterned and coloured lighting that suits the theme of your event, but also alter these as the festivities continue.

Just as there are different stages in the day, there are different stages in a gala event. Usually things start off formally and get more relaxed (and maybe even wild!) as the evening draws to a close.

For instance, while your guests are sitting down to that delicious meal your caterers have painstakingly prepared, you can implement a simple lighting scheme that doesn’t distract them from their dinner.

Use elegant white lights that will give the venue a cheerful and relaxed feel.

When it comes time for speeches or presentations, dim the floor lights and try some of Pro Light & Sound’s other visual services on for size.

Using stage spot lights or follow spots can add a real sense of occasion to any presentation, whether it’s being made by an ultra-famous guest speaker from overseas or one of your fellow employees.

Finally, when the evening is well-and-truly underway, you can crank up the music (with one of our state-of-the-art audio systems, of course) and switch on some dazzling party lights!

This is the time to break out the colourful LED wall washes and moving lights. If you want an even starker contrast, talk to Pro Light &Sound about doing some funky pattern projections.

We can not only project your organisation’s logo during the earlier, more sedate part of the evening, but also bewitch your guests with custom-made patterned lighting that will wash over them as they hit the dance floor.

Which, for the record, Pro Light & Sound can also provide you with.

You don’t have to be chained to one look or mood for your entire event – let your lighting progress as your gala does!

Get in touch today to see how we can help make your next Gala shine!

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