What to consider when planning a graduation ceremony

All eyes on you

Graduation days are the highlight of academic calendars around the world and while the graduation ceremony mark the end of formal study for many students, they can also be one of the most hectic events for organisers to arrange! With the pressure on and all eyes on the hosting institution, event planners must ensure that the day runs smoothly – and this begins with hiring the correct audio visual equipment.


Many graduation ceremonies will use projector screens as a backdrop for the day’s events. These often broadcast important information about the order of the day as well as practicalities such as directions and venue details to ensure that guests have an enjoyable experience seeing their loved one collect their certificates. When working with a presentation, be sure to check the ratios your computer and projector screen uses – no one wants to be distracted from the occasion by black bars and other irritating features on slide shows.


Another essential aspect of effective event planning includes checking the compatibility of your devices, especially if working across formats or mixing Mac and PC outlets. This will also include taking the time to ensure that all the devices you are using are equipped with the relevant software to provide a united and cohesive – not to mention professional – event experience for the graduates and other guests.


Behind any successful event, there is likely to have been plenty of time set aside for rehearsals, including technical checks. Soundchecks are not just for live music shows – they are a necessary part of all events that use microphones, speakers and sound systems. Test for sources of possible interference such as mobiles and other nearby technology. Plus, make sure that your input cables are correctly plugged into the corresponding output device. As this can be complicated, working with audio visual installers can be helpful to keep safety paramount.


Perhaps one of the most vital aspects of event planning is to ensure that the guests can see clearly. A graduation ceremony shrouded in darkness will be remembered – for all the wrong reasons! Ensure that your light fixtures provide adequate levels of illumination and use specific lighting such as spotlights and task lighting where needed.

The end of the year is just around the corner. If you are planning the graduation ceremony for your school, college or university get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound expert to help you make sure that the audience has an unforgettable experience. 

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