High Gloss, Mirror-Like Finish Dancefloors

Pioneering the introduction of High-Gloss, Mirror-Like Dancefloors

Pro Light & Sound have always been a progressive industry leader in event solutions. While our primary focus is Audio Visual & Lighting, we also have a keen eye for style solutions and design.

We work with different industry sectors and therefore have the privilege to see the latest trends hitting the event space.

6 years ago we pioneered the introduction of High Gloss, Mirror-Like white dancefloors into mainstream events. This style of flooring was first used in the fashion industry, reflecting on catwalks around the world. Unfortunately, although the floors looked amazing, they were made of Perspex, a very slippery material that caused even the top supermodels like Heidi Klum to slip on the runway.

Research and Development

Seeing the potential in the High Gloss Mirror-Like Finish Dancefloors and the restrictions in using slippery Perspex, we invested time and money into research and development. The R&D lead to a new material that has the same visual impact of Perspex but without the danger of people slipping and hurting themselves.

The first High Gloss, Mirror-Like Dancefloors stocked and supplied by Pro Light & Sound were white gloss. The white gloss floors tied in with our “All White Wedding” theme solution. This included white speakers, white lighting, white stages, white drapery and white gloss Bridal Tables.

Many Different Options

Over the last 6 years, our range has grown to include Black, Gold, Silver and White High-Gloss Mirror-Like Dancefloor options.  With a new range on the horizon, we are ready to create a whole new era of styling. We also provide an in-house custom monogram design and detailing service which means we can create a dancefloor that will match your event theme and have some continuity with your invitations and menus.

Because of our great product and high-quality service, we have become the “go to” supplier for leading event stylists and event coordinators. We are the preferred supplier for iconic and Heritage Listed Melbourne venues, transforming dull parquetry flooring into a glamorous and stunning finish.  Our dancefloors are safe and non-slip which comply with Australian tough OH&S standards.

Why Choose Pro Light & Sound?

We are often asked why our dancefloors are so high gloss and have a mirror-like finish when compared to other suppliers. The simple answer is that our product is unique to us. We invested the time to source a great overseas product that’s exclusive to us. Not only do we use the highest quality material but we only use the material once. We do not clean or buff post event. This ensures that when people are dancing on our High Gloss Dancefloors, the reflection of the lights above, whether it’s our chandeliers or fairy lights, really makes you feel like you are dancing in the stars.

So when you are looking for a High Gloss, Mirror-Like Finish Dancefloor, look no further than Pro Light & Sound.

Our dancefloors are:

  • Unique to Pro Light & Sound
  • Anti-slip finish to prevent injury
  • Single use to guarantee shine and perfect reflection
  • Customisable for your event
  • Preferred in iconic and Heritage Listed venues
  • Professionally installed by trained technicians
  • Quality glamorous finish in various colours

While others claim to offer dancefloors that are like the Pro Light & Sound Dancefloors, they fall short in quality and safety, often being simple kitchen quality melamine or re-used Perspex and plastic.  We guarantee to supply authentic Pro Light & Sound High Gloss, Mirror-Like Dancefloors that look and feel spectacular.

Contact a Pro Light & Sound Expert today to discuss how a high-gloss, mirror-like finish dancefloor can transform your event from great to extraordinary!

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