Host a birthday bash to remember

Celebrate in style

Big birthdays – those ones that end in zeroes or mark key turning points in your life – deserve to be celebrated in style. Whether it’s a 21st, 30th or even the big 50, don’t settle for a quiet get together. Instead, go all out and give yourself the birthday bash you deserve.

Venue Hire

These big birthdays often come with big guest lists, so an at-home event simply won’t do. Consider hiring a local venue to cater to all your guests. School halls, RSLs and community centres are all affordable places to host this event.

However, if you really want to razzle and dazzle there are many function venues with beautiful views, in stunning locations set up to host you and your party and leave everyone with an unforgettable experience.

When you hire the venue, make sure you ask what’s included in the package. Most will simply just be the space, power and kitchen facilities, but you never know what the owners are prepared to throw in. More professional venues, such as those used for weddings in large-scale events, often have their own catering teams, so factor this into your event if it’s something you want.

Decorations and equipment

Audiovisual equipment and styling can help transform a plain hall into a vibrant venue. Equipment such as projectors and screens can display your favourite photos and home movies. Lighting and projections can transform the atmosphere with colour and patterns and create a special theme. Draping and customised dancefloors completely transcend the four walls and ceiling of a plain venue and take you and your guests to another world. So why not invest in styling and create a visual memory for partygoers that they will be talking about for years to come.


The key to a fun and memorable party often lies in its theme. This not only allows guests to dress up and get into the spirit of the event, but it also provides direction when it comes to decorating the venue. Sophisticated, classic themes like black and white or Hollywood glamour work well for people who still want to look glamorous on their birthdays, whereas more fun and outrageous themes like under the sea and television characters may suit those who want to make a splash.

How far you take the theme depends on your personal preference. You could add subtle hints of colour through carefully matched tableware and lighting, or you could make sure everything from the music through to the streamers is aligned.

If you want to blow the socks off your guests at your next big birthday bash, get in touch with Pro Light & Sound. We are the experts is making every occasion a memorable affair.

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