Three reasons why your business should consider hosting a gala event

It’s that time of the year again… the sun is shining, the nights are getting longer and everyone is getting excited about the holiday season. This means that your Christmas parties are coming up. And what better way to celebrate the year gone by then with a gala event?

However, in today’s economy, convincing your organisation to host a gala event for employees, clients and customers can seem difficult.

So we thought we would share some of the many reasons why throwing a business function can be hugely beneficial to your enterprise. And can deliver a significant return on investment in the long run.

Here are three reasons why your organisation may want to consider hosting a gala event.

Improve employee satisfaction

One of the best ways to reduce turnover and ensure you are maintaining your top staff is by making sure your employees feel valued and appreciated on a day to day basis.

A fun gala event featuring state of the art audiovisual technology and impressive catering is a great way to reward your employees for a hard year.

Announce a new product or a brand restructuring

If your business is planning on announcing a new product or service, what better way to do it than via a fantastic gala event attended by key stakeholders and clients?

A gala event is also a great way to announce a brand restructuring or a merger and can ensure positive word of mouth about such an initiative right from the early stages.

You can even use logo projection event lighting to ensure that your brand name is the centre of the event.

As a ‘Thank You’ to customers

The Australian business world is a competitive one, and the most successful organisations are those which are not only generating new business but maintaining their existing clientele as well.

You can thank your customers for their business by hosting a gala event that will have them talking for the year to come. This will also help spread a positive message about your brand and potentially attract new customers as well.

If your responsible for organising your end of year celebration or would like to understand how a gala event can increase your bottom line and provide a great ROI, then give us a call! Pro Light & Sound has had 30 decades of experience working on some of Melbourne’s greatest corporate events. We know how to create the perfect event for your organisation and we’re sure to come up with new and innovative ways to WOW your delegates.

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