How to plan your Instagram Wedding?

These days, traditional wedding photography isn’t the only way for you to remember your day. You, and the vast majority of your wedding guests, will have smartphones with cameras that can help to record your day.

With this, the trend of “Instagram Weddings” has emerged.

Instagram Wedding Success:

1. Organise large screens to display your Instagram photos

Work together with your AV service provider to hire and set up some great audio visual equipment and for your wedding. Make sure your screens are all set up and hooked up to a laptop at your wedding and/or reception location.

2. Create your unique #hashtag

Before your wedding day, you must create a unique Instagram #hashtag where you will be able to find all the photos from your wedding at the end of the event. Don’t make your #hashtag anything vague like “#wedding” or it will get flooded with images from around the world. Make it unique to you, something like “#mandyandjohngetmarried”, “#sandyandbillswedding” or “#samandemma4ever” is more likely to be successful and unoccupied by others! (Make sure you double check before the wedding that the tag isn’t being used by somebody else.)

3. Connect your Instagram feed to your screens

Throughout your wedding day celebrations, you and your guests can take pictures on your smart devices and upload them to Instagram using your hashtag, which will be displayed on the screens around your venue!

4. Teach your guests to use Instagram and your #hashtag

It’s important to advertise to your guests that you’ll be using a hashtag. If you organise it before you send invitations, make a note of it on there! Put up reminder signs that match the decor of your big day, or put ‘business card’ style notes on each dinner table of guests. You can even get an usher to hand your guests a note as they come into the service. You might even want to send out a how-to guide to teach any older guests how to use it. You want to collect as many photos as possible!

5. Create a physical album

Use the Instagram concept in conjunction with your traditional wedding photography, or if you’d rather, you can even let it replace it altogether. When all is said and done, make sure you collect all of the photos and put them in an album or scrapbook so you have a physical memento to remember it all by.
This is a great way to make your wedding extra special, as you’ll get a variety of photos uploaded with all sorts of different filters and compositions, meaning you’ll be able to relive your night in a number of different ways.
As well as this, it’s fun for both you and your guests to see the pictures appear on the screens throughout the night! It’s a great talking point, and will provide more than a few laughs as well as ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ at adorable photos of the bride and groom.

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