Inspiring event colours for spring

Host a spring corporate event

If you’re hosting a corporate event taking place in the spring, you might want considering brightening it up with plenty of colour.

After all, it’s the season to grow and blossom, so why not take inspiration from nature around you and make your event stand out with lots of life and vitality?

How to colour your event for spring

A visually striking event doesn’t have to be complicated. Enlist an event management service that can take the lead  in planning your coloured lighting, drapery and decorations.

When planning your colourful spring event, certain colours may immediately come to mind. Alternatively, you might want to take the lead from the Pantone Color Institute, a world-renowned authority on colour, and its advice on colours for this year’s spring season.

Colours you may want to consider include for your spring palette include emerald, dusk blue, lemon zest yellow, poppy red, nectarine, deep blue, soft beige linen, and violet, according to Pantone.

It’s always a safe bet to stick with floral-inspired pastel tones for spring, but you can also go down the bright route, taking inspiration from daffodils, poppies and tulips.

But you might be wondering, what do you do with the colours once you’ve decided on them?

The colour can be applied to your event in many ways. Coloured lighting is definitely a viable option, whether applied as a wall wash, spotlight or strobe.

Drapery is another way to fill your event with spring colours. Colourful drapery can disguise blank, boring walls and stage areas, replacing them with a bright, cheerful spring look.

You don’t have to limit this simply to the walls, either. Perhaps you could have a sandy beige or soft pink tablecloth?

Only pick 2 – 4 colours

However, it is important to remember that you don’t want to overwhelm the space with too much colour or too big a variety, as it can start to clash or get distracting. Instead, pick two, three or four key colours, and work your palette around this.

Your table decorations can also complement your seasonal colour scheme. Soft white flowers as a centerpiece look fantastic as a spring addition to your event, as do other pastel colours.

Let your creativity blossom and create a lively, bright springtime event.

If you are planning your spring event, and want to make sure it is a truly memorable experience for your guests, why not talk to the experts at Pro Light & Sound?

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