It’s not a party without a dance floor

The truly memorable corporate event and party isn’t the one where guests are huddled in corners, sticking to their colleagues and acquaintances like glue, afraid to relax and have fun.

The great parties are usually the ones where people are out busting a move on the dance floor, re-enacting Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, forming a conga line or performing the Macarena.

However, this kind of party rocking is only possible if you have the right equipment!

Designated Dance Floor

A dance floor is essential – and not just any kind.

For venues without a designated dancing area, or a dance floor area lacking pizzaz, you can design a great overlay in many styles and colours so that your guests can boogie down in just the right style. Whether you are looking for a glossy finish, a Studio 54 checkerboard or your logo displayed for all to see having a funky dance floor where everyone a boogie on down will bring your party to life.

Sound To Match The Celebration

To complement the atmosphere and to make sure that people really flock to the dance floor, you are going to need to have fantastic audio systems on hand.  The audio system will make or break your event. If you have ever attended an event where the music was too quiet or distorting, you’ll understand why you operate it yourself. You sit back, relax and enjoy the event. While your dedicated, audio technician makes sure that the audio technology is working seamlessly.

Chat to a professional to ensure your sound systems and speakers will fill your event space with high-quality sound. This makes sure that your chosen tunes come through crisp and clear – perfect to dance the night away to.

If you’ve got a DJ on hand – or, perhaps one of your team members has such a hidden talent – then you’ll also want to make sure you’ve got some cutting edge DJ equipment within your reach.

Light Up The Night

Great lighting will take your party to the next level. It will transform your venue from a dark room into a captivating adventure that matches your party theme. Strobes, coloured lights, down lights, up lights, fog machines and all sorts of wild effects can give your party the coolest edge in town. Not only that but light can brand your party. Choose your theme colours, lighten or darken sections of the room and use your lights with a “Gobo” – a stencil of your logo – to display your brand before everyone’s eyes.

Draping, Backdrops and Ceiling Installation

To really add the extra flavour think about how you can dress up the room. Adding draping to cover up stark white walls, backdrops on the stage or at a dedicated photography area and adding a jaw-dropping ceiling installation with a disco ball display, chandeliers or florals will really create an unforgettable atmosphere. Having the ability to transform a venue to reflect your party means that the experience is unique and truly unforgettable!

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