Light Your Night to Remember

So you want your corporate event or gala to be a night to remember? Then it’s important that you banish boredom and create an atmosphere that is truly entertaining.

After all, a workplace event should be something that represents your company in its best light – and that’s why the right event lighting is crucial to the impact of your event.

How lighting can help your party pop

If you want your party to be a sizzler rather than a drizzler, then it’s time to decide on a fantastic lighting scheme.

There’s nothing more dull than a bunch of guests standing around in poorly lit room with one-dimensional lighting. That’s not what a party is about!

Instead think about dynamic lighting that can truly enhance your event. If you aren’t feeling confident about designing a lighting scheme of your own, then enlist the skills of an event management service who can provide you with all the ideas and equipment you’ll need to really make your workplace party an illuminating affair.

The options are endless. Want a dazzling disco ball? Check. Strobe lighting? Check. Fairy lights? Double check! You don’t need to stick to a uniform, unoriginal lighting theme when there is so much more that you can do to make your event amazing.

Some other ideas you might want to consider include LED uplights, colour wall washes, moving lights – and maybe even a spotlight around a speaker onstage for great effect!

‘Follow spots’ are spotlights that can be moved around a room to follow a figure, which can be another fun addition to your event.

You can even have your logo or monogram projected against a wall or a canvas, in case you want it really driven home that you’re the fantastic company behind such a great party!

And don’t forget the myriad of chandeliers on offer, which go a long way in fostering an elegant and charming event atmosphere.

Go on, go the whole nine yards with your event lighting and have your guests talking about it for weeks to come. It’ll do team morale a whole lot of good!

Get in touch now to see how we can help you turn your party in to a sizzler!

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