Planning a safe gala event

Make sure your next gala event is a safe gala event

Whenever you are planning a big gala event or a function, one of the foremost priorities should always be health and safety. Make sure you plan a fun but safe gala event.

While there’s no doubt that you want your guests to have fun and enjoy themselves. Take care and ensure that no one gets hurt throughout the night.

Here are a few steps which you can take in order to make sure your next gala event is a safe gala event. And that everyone remembers it for all the right reasons.

Ensure adequate lighting

A little bit of darkness in the room is often a good thing. It is also important to make sure that guests are able to see clearly when moving around the venue.

Obviously, some areas need to be cast in greater shade than others. However, always ensure that any cables or potential obstacles are clearly lit at all times.

Also, make sure that any exits or walkways that will be used are easily visible. Should people need to exit the venue quickly they will be able to do so without any trouble.

Use a professional audiovisual provider

Whenever you are dealing with highly technical audiovisual equipment it is important to make sure you’re working with experts who offer a professional and safe service.

An experienced team of event AV experts will understand the safest way to set up your equipment at all times, without sacrificing on performance.

Be careful with strobe lights

Strobe lights and other such glamorous event lighting are very exciting, and add a brilliant professional touch to an event; however they can also be dangerous if not used carefully.

Extravagant lighting displays can be disorientating for some people, and can even cause seizures and fainting in those who are particularly photosensitive.

Make sure that if you are planning to use such lighting that you have clearly advertised this fact on invitations and at the door so that people are aware of what is going to happen.

If you are planning the next Gala Event for your company or your client. Get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound expert to help you plan an incredible event where your guests let their hair down and have a great time and you know that they are in safe hands.

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