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Tips to make your PowerPoint presentation pop

Getting the most out of PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation is a relatively modern way of communicating ideas and information to an audience, and as such has been appearing everywhere from schools, universities and places of worship through to conferences and galas.

When it comes time to prepare the presentations, however, not everyone knows their way around the computer!

Find out how to make the most of your technology and make a presentation to impress your audience.

Hire the right equipment

If you’re presenting information to large groups of people, you should hire av equipment to help project the information. You can get simple projector and screen packages that are easy to use and can connect straight into your computer device. Add speakers if your presentation includes and music or sound effects, plus a microphone to help the speaker amplify his or her voice to be heard by the whole audience.

Don’t dump all your information on the slideshow

When preparing a slideshow to present to crowds, it can be tempting to load it up with all your information. Try to avoid this and restrict written content to key points, quotes and ideas. Images are also great to help illustrate what the speaker is saying.

The speaker should have cue cards to help prompt him or her as the slides are rolling, and avoid reading straight off the screen.

Choose the right font, colours and graphics

The aesthetic appeal of your presentation will have a big impact on how it’s received by your audience. Fonts that are too small, hard to read or in light or harsh colours won’t be as effective as simple, clean text in plain colours like black or navy blue.

Videos and images can be effective and appealing when they add to the concepts being discussed, but too many of them can be distracting.

Try to maintain a consistent colour scheme throughout the presentation for a memorable and easy-to-follow effect. This may be a white background with black text and red border or something similar. The real impact should come from your speech and the information delivered, not from the overzealous use of clipart and too many sound effects.

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