4 questions to ask a potential audiovisual installer

The FAQ’s

Working with a professional sound and light hiring firm can be extremely beneficial to your event, but it’s worth considering some essential questions before deciding on using a particular audiovisual installer.

Here we round up some of the most commonly asked questions that can help you find the best team for the job.

What are the most common events you provide equipment for?

It’s good to begin discussions with a general question like this one, to determine how much experience and in what types of events the company regularly works in. Finding out that the company you’ve got your eye on only caters for corporate meetings when you are looking to hire for your wedding is not ideal – and it’s better to find this out from the start than mid-way through the party prep.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

There’s nothing like instigating a bit of healthy competition and many businesses are often only too keen to discuss what separates them from similar organisations. This is also a good way to begin talking about practical details such as cost, payment plans and other logistical issues, as you may make your decision based on who offers the best value for money.

What type of service does your company provide?

Some companies may only provide the equipment while others can offer full audiovisual installation – working out what each business can do for your event is crucial and is also based on your requirements. Talking it through with the company you want to work with can be helpful too, even if the type of service you require is not initially available – professional sound and light companies should aim to go above and beyond for customers.

How much will hiring equipment cost?

There’s no pointing denying that price can often be a deal-breaker. While it’s important to bear in mind the figures, closer analysis should also be taken to find out which company is best for you. Even if one service may appear to be cheaper, there could be hidden extras or additional costs. Be sure to work with a company that offers clear, transparent pricing – so you can get on with organising the best possible event!

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