The secret to preserving the aesthetics of your building

Don’t ruin the aesthetics

Finding the perfect venue for your function can be difficult (not to mention expensive!) which is why the last thing you want is for ugly equipment to be ruining the aesthetics of your event space.

What many people do not realise however is that using the right audio visual equipment and installing it in a careful and intelligent manner can allow you to not only preserve the unique beauty of a particular building’s architecture but even enhance it!

Venetian Ballroom, New Jersey, USA

Take for example this story from Danish stage and architectural lighting company Martin Professional, which provided new lighting equipment for the marvellous Venetian Ballroom in New Jersey, USA.

The ballroom – which is capable of hosting 1,000 guests – required a dynamic lighting system capable of fulfilling a variety of purposes, all without ruining the architectural appeal of this historic venue.

Not only did Martin Professional achieve this goal, but it also provided equipment that was easy to operate and access as well.

The story highlights the fact that there really is no putting a price on experience when it comes to your audio visual equipment provider, and that a professional organisation can help you put on a spectacular event no matter what the individual needs of your venue might be.

Maintain the architectural beauty

If you are looking to stage a function, and want to maintain the architectural beauty of your venue whilst still achieving an outstanding audio-visual experience, it may be worthwhile speaking to a Pro Light & Sound specialist about the range of terrific architectural lighting options that are available.

Discrete projector screens can serve as wonderful backdrops to your event – whether it be a wedding, a corporate function or any other celebration – while intelligently placed lighting fixtures can be finished in white in order to blend subtly into the background.

It’s your event after all, so why accept compromise? By combining the very best in modern audio-visual technology with the classic beauty of a stunning venue, you can achieve a function that guests will be talking about for a long time to come.

Pro Light & Sound have been working together with stylists and event managers to consult on the best possible audio-visual solution since 1998. If you are looking for expert advice and effective solutions, talk to a Pro Light & Sound team member today.

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