Introducing SocialEVENTerprise… cause we care

Social Responsibility

Have you been looking to make a difference, to contribute to a greater good, to fulfil your social responsibility?

Many people and organisations want to do good and have a greater impact yet they simply don’t have the tools and resources to it simply and effectively.

Even Richard Branson stated “Whenever I look into making an investment, the first thing I think about is whether or not the idea will have a positive impact upon the world”

To empower our clients to have a positive impact on the world, we have committed to raising a $1 Million over the next 12 months. To make this a reality, we are donating $100 out of every $1000 spent with us to a charity.

Our Contribution

We are super excited to announce our ethical give back program, Social EVENTerprise – cause we care.

This is our program where we make a commitment to creating social change by donating a portion of every dollar spent with us to charity.

After years of sponsoring and supporting great charities such as Variety The Children’s Charity, Make A Wish Foundation and The Starlight foundation we feel that we can do so much more.

So, with your help, we want to make a HUGE impact.

We have found that when we sponsor charity events everyone wins; the charity organisation, the recipients, the guests and the suppliers. After sponsoring hundreds of events, one thing has become clear, together we can achieve more.

Social responsibility is no longer an option – it is the way we do business today. We have devised a way of generating funds from every event to support a charity, without it having to be a “charity fundraiser”.

What does this mean?

🖤 Business For Good

Now businesses can host Awards Nights, Gala Dinners and Social Events knowing that a portion of their spend will go towards a worthwhile charity. Effectively implementing corporate social responsibility and creating a business for good.

📅  Functions That Matter

Private functions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and celebrations can take on an element of social give back. Feel good in the knowledge that the money you spend will make a huge positive impact on the lives of others.

🌎 Fund Global Change

Whether you’re holding a fashion show or a sales seminar, your contribution will have a global impact. Contribute to creating freedom, providing education, or changing the lives of children. Make a difference well beyond the event.

👥Be Socially Conscious

By simply shifting your spending habits, any event can now become a driver for social change. Share your decision to make a difference with your social network and prove that you are helping create a better world.

Our Partner Charities



How to get involved

1. Head to our Social EVENTerprise landing page – CLICK HERE

2. Check out our Charity Partners

3. Get in touch


If you are planning your next event, whether it is a Corporate Event, A wedding or a Private Function such as a Bar Mitzvah or Mile-stone Birthday get in touch with Pro Light & Sound. Not only will we create an unforgettable experience we will create social good!

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