How to ensure the sound at your big event is perfect

When you’re throwing a party, hosting a conference or planning your wedding, it’s natural to want absolutely everything to be perfect. This includes the sound, a component often overlooked by those hosting events but one that makes all the difference.

Don’t let poor sound quality let you down this year. Find out how to make your next event sound as spectacular as possible.

Teach the presenters to use their microphone

There many different types of microphones; wireless handheld, headset and lapel. Each type of microphone has a different brand and a different model.  Don’t assume your presenter is familiar with how to use their microphone. Give your presenter a quick intro to the one they will be using, so they’re aware of its capabilities and how they should best handle it.  A presenter who is wearing a lapel microphone will need to be briefed not to create excess noise through their clothing covering or coming into contact with the microphone. A presenter using a wireless handheld will need to be shown how to turn it on and off and reminded to turn it off once they have finished on stage. This will prevent embarrassing backstage conversation coming through to the crowd.

Engage a professional AV team

It goes without saying that to have the best sound, you’ve got to engage an AV company that has high-grade professional equipment and an experienced team to handle that equipment.  This means audio systems that are designed to project the sound effectively around your venue, no matter how big.  Audio at an event is not just a ‘set and forget’ type of support, it needs qualified technicians to organise, manage, and control it throughout the entire event. Make sure to engage a world-class, professional audiovisual team who are up to the task of entertaining your guests. Whether you need a PA system to host your conference or heavy-duty speakers for that live music act on your special day, don’t skimp on quality.

Do soundchecks

It’s absolutely vital that you do sound checks before your big day in order to catch any glitches ahead of time. The acoustics of any venue can radically alter the sound you’re trying to produce and may mean you need different types of equipment (such as more speakers for a bigger space, and a microphone for areas where sound doesn’t travel well).

Sound checks help you make sure the sound in your venue is clear, at the right volume and sounds good. If you have presenters at your event, take them through this soundcheck too to ensure they’re comfortable with any microphones used. You may need to adjust the volume for different speakers depending on how they project their voice. It’s much better to iron out all these issues ahead of time so things flow seamlessly on the day of your event.

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