Specialised lighting will improve your conference

Light up your conference

Professional event lighting hire can be used to dramatic effect in a range of different capacities, from weddings and parties through to galas and other big events. But have you thought about what specialised lighting can do for your next business conference? It might have more of an impact than you think.

Aesthetic appeal

When the subject matter of your business conference is a little on the dry side, some dramatic lighting can really make a visual impact. Spotlights, uplights and coloured effects can help keep audiences focused, drawing attention to speakers and key pieces of information

A roaming lit-up company logo can also leave a lasting impression. This can be custom made to showcase your own design, providing a constant reminder of your company to guests. Let the logo dance over walls, ceilings and floors in time to music or simply have it projected on one surface for the duration of the night.

Relating colour to content

A slightly more scientific effect of having specialised lighting at your conference comes in the form of associating colours with key topics, words and events. It’s well known that colour is a vital tool in successfully delivering messages and information, especially when certain words or phrases are repeated with the same colour. The visual impact of having blue lighting flicker every time a message is delivered at your conference will increase the likelihood of guests remembering this long after the event.

Colour can increase the possibility of messages being stored and retrieved successfully in the brain, and the research suggests the choice of colour and how it’s used can influence how much the brain can recall about specific events.  (check out our blog on the Psychology of Colour)

To maximise this, make sure you include specialised lighting tailored to your content at your next conference. Whether it’s green strobe lighting whenever a specific phrase is uttered or a pink wash when a certain speaker is presenting. It’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

Talk to a Pro Light & Sound Expert

Once you have made a decision on the venue for your next business conference, make sure you talk to the experts at Pro Light & Sound. With years of experience in lighting equipment and event planning, they have the tools you need to make the best possible impact and take your business conference impact to the next level.

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