Use the right colours at your next conference

Conferences are the perfect place to share new ideas, align employees of all levels and locations with the company goals and objectives as a whole and to also work as a networking event for all involved.

In order to promote productivity and an inspiring learning environment, colour palettes can play a huge part in keeping your attendees focused and in the best frame of mind to absorb information. Use the right colours at your conference. Take a look at the following ideas to guarantee people are paying attention at your next conference, and ensure that your audio and visual equipment play up to the recommended colour schemes.


If you type “best colour for work productivity” into Google, blue is going to be at the very top of your search results. Known for its ability to improve focus and creativity, the right shade of blue can have a great effect on your audience. In a study by the University of British Columbia, researchers tested 600 participants and found that blue produces the best results for enhancing contribution to creative tasks. Blue also holds connotations of loyalty, so it’s great at bringing your employees together under a unanimous front.


White is the perfect colour for creating a welcoming, calm atmosphere. Acting as a blank canvas, this colour encourages optimism amongst those surrounded by it so can be a great option if you are introducing fresh ideas to employees.


If the economy is going to be an important theme in a conference, green is a great colour to involve as it indicates prosperity – a very encouraging emotion when discussing finance. Relating to endurance and stability, green can fill attendees with feelings of strength and perseverance, which is significantly useful when encouraging employees to look to the bright side when business isn’t as positive as usual.

A combination of the above colours can bring an already excellent environment to conferences, but if you are bringing people together for a specific reason then ensure you take into account colour psychology. It can hold strong emotive triggers that can help you convey the conference’s message in the most positive way – whilst promoting emotions that work in your favour depending on content.

As an Audio Visual Production specialist, Pro Light & Sound can advise on the best colours and also the best equipment to produce the result that you are seeking to produce for your attendees. Get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound expert today and see how you can use all the right colours at your next conference.

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