Tips for hosting an eco-friendly event

Hosting a party, conference or other events can be tricky enough without throwing energy efficiency into the equation. But with the range of environmental concerns growing daily in Australia, it makes sense to combine your next event with an eco-friendly focus to ensure you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Use natural light

It’s no secret the right event lighting can make or break your event. From twinkling fairy lights to bold spotlights, the right bulbs can make a splash and leave a lasting impression on party-goers.

However, if you do want to focus on reducing energy consumption at your event, choose your lights carefully. Why not stick to one or two statement pieces and let the rest of the event be illuminated by natural lighting? This can be particularly effective at daytime or early evening events, where lighting can be switched on only when it’s required.

Reuse and recycle

Use recyclable goods wherever possible at your event, from napkins right through to decorations.

When it comes to invitations, promotional material and presentation information, go electronic wherever possible. Send emails and e-vites to guests and project information onto a screen at the venue instead of handing out pamphlets.

If you do have to print information, do so in black and white ink on both sides of the paper. Choose recycled paper and encourage guests to do the same once they’re finished with it.

Encourage eco-friendly transportation

When selecting your venue, try choosing somewhere close to where the majority of your guests will be travelling from. Inner-city locations are great as public transport can be utilised, and many guests may even be able to walk to and from the event.

If people do have to travel further to reach the destination, encourage them to carpool or catch a bus. You could even set up an online register where guests indicate where they’re travelling from and match them up with others in a similar area to travel together.

Choose A Sustainable Venue

Look for beautiful, environmentally conscious event venues that will help you reduce, reuse and recycle. Look out for seasonal menus, renewable energy systems, wastewater policies and a sustainable approach to events.

By choosing the right venue you can rest assured that you will reduce your footprint on the environment without compromising on the quality of your event. Be sure to let your guests know your choices for going eco-friendly to encourage everyone to make environmentally conscious decisions.

If you are planning your next event and would like to work with a company that can help you reduce your eco-footprint while creating the best possible outcomes get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound professional. Whether you are planning your wedding, private function or corporate event, we can help you create the best event possible with the lowest possible impact on the environment. 

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