Upping your game: how to improve on last year’s event

The end of the year is fast approaching but while that might seem like an exciting prospect for most, it also raises one important question for event managers – how to top last year’s event?

In order to ensure that your next event is even more impressive than last years, it’s important to think outside the box. Look for ways in which you might be able to make your function more memorable, without completely blowing the budget.

Innovative use of technology

One way to do this is through the innovative use of technology. After all, having high-quality audio visual equipment at your function can help make the difference between a sub-par event and an unforgettable spectacle.

Every year brings new developments in the world of event lighting, and it is well worth talking to a team of audio visual equipment experts to find out how they can ensure your next event blows the last one out of the water.

Change venue

Another potential idea for improving on last years function is changing the location of your event. If there is room in the budget, then upgrading your venue to something with a little more style can be a great way to wow your guests. And have them talking for weeks to come.

If financial restrictions prevent you from finding a better event space to host your function in, then there are plenty of other options for adding a touch more style and class.


Improving the quality of the cuisine on offer is a great option, as guests that are content with their meal are far less likely to be unsatisfied when the event draws to a close.


Finally, it’s worth thinking about the entertainment that you offered at last year’s event and the potential ways in which that could be improved.

If your DJ or pre-recorded music fell flat, why not consider investing in a live cover band who will get guests out of their seats and having a great time on the dance floor?

If you are planning your end of year event, and want to make sure it is a truly memorable experience for your guests, why not talk to the experts at Pro Light & Sound?

We have the experience, the equipment and the knowledge required to help take your event to the next level and ensure it is remembered for years to come.

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