Make a difference at your next event with a VIP entrance

They say first impressions count for everything, and there’s no reason why your big day is exempt from this golden rule. Make grand imperssion with a VIP entrance.

If you’re involved in the event management of a gala, a corporate event, big bash or even a wedding, you’ll want to impress your guests right from the get-go. Here are our top tips to help you do this in style.

Provide photo opportunities

Your guests make an effort to get dressed up and look their best for their event, so it’s only fair you capture the moment for them by providing photo opportunities on the way into your venue.

Roll out a red carpet, line the entrance with LED outdoor lights, set up photographers (or just a friend with a camera, depending on your budget!) and get snap happy. Not only will it make your guests feel like superstars, but it’s also great to have these images on hand when doing promotions for future events. You can also post these photos on your website and send them out individually to attendees after your event as a way of thanking them for coming.

Use lights effectively

Event lighting can be your best friend when it comes to creating a VIP entrance, as it can instantly and effectively set the tone for your party or gala as well as making the venue more welcoming to guests.

A clever colour wash on a building’s facade can look particularly stunning, as can a logo or welcome message projected onto the side of a building. If your venue has architectural features or is particularly aesthetically pleasing, simple uplighting is best to highlight its beauty.

Moving spotlights roaming the entrance are also a great way to convey a VIP vibe.

Greet your guests at the door

Nothing makes guests feel more welcome than a personal greeting, so have someone standing at the entrance the warmly welcome people into the venue. Hand each person a drink as they walk through the door, give them a program for the event or simply shake their hand at make them feel at home.

At Pro Light & Sound we love making a grand entrance! If you are in charge of organising the next big event for your organisation or your client, get in touch with a Pro Light & Sound professional and see how we can help you wow your audience from the word go.

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